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Elementary Enrollment Process

Step 1:  Review the Elementary Program information on this page.

Step 2:  Request an Administrative Transfer from your child's neighborhood school.

Step 3:  Complete the interview questions.

Step 4:  Attend your scheduled face to face interview.

*Elementary families do not need to attend Yeti Camp

Elementary Program and Expectations

Mission: To effectively utilize World Class methodologies to help students acquire 21st-century skills and a strong educational foundation through a personalized approach. Students, in collaboration with a team that targets the needs of the whole student, become responsible citizens who contribute to our society and lead meaningful and productive lives.

Goal: The goal of eDCSD’s K-8 program is to effectively utilize personalized programming using targeted academic and social-emotional intervention to help students develop a strong foundation. As students become more independent learners and demonstrate success, their learning pathway becomes more autonomous and flexible. eDCSD’s K-8 programming uses a teamed approach to supporting student’s academic progress and personalized learning pathway. Teachers on the K-8 team collaborate on learning opportunities and interventions to ensure a wraparound plan each year, and also a smooth transition from elementary to middle school programming. Further, the K-8 team collaborates to ensure students transition to any of eDCSD’s high school programming options are supported. Ultimately, the goal is that with appropriate supports, students make adequate progress towards their personalized learning goals.

Elementary Blended: Mondays, once a month, from 10-12:30. Students will also take one field trip per month.

Blended Schedule 2018-2019
Elementary Blended Schedule

Virtual Class Meetings:
Help sessions and focus groups based on need.
Scheduled with the teacher on a week to week basis.

Below is an estimate of how much time students are expected to work each day.

Elementary Time Expections

K-6 Info Session

Elementary Curriculum Information

Q2 Elementary Virtual Parent Orientation

Please click HERE to watch the recording of the Elementary Parent Orientation.