Graduation Requirements

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Order your Cap and Gown!

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eDCSD Graduation Information 



1. If you plan to walk in the ceremony, please order a cap and gown using provided Josten’s link above. 


Please let Mrs. Bliek know if you are or are not planning to participate in the eDCSD graduation ceremony. 



  • You need to submit 20 hours of community service by May 12th to graduate. The form is attached to this email if you need it. 



  • The deadline to submit ALL work for seniors (both full time and part-time) is May 12th. Please stay on top of this deadline and work with your teachers if you have questions. 



  • The date for graduation is Thursday, May 21st.



  • PACE CENTER in Parker, CO 20000 Pikes Peak Avenue, Parker, CO 80138


Please put the above date and location on your calendar. 


6. Walking in Ceremony:

During the ceremony, you will be called to the stage to receive your diploma. When you are called, a short profile of you will be read to the audience. This profile is generated by you and should include the following:


*Full Legal Name


*Your Future Plans


*How going to school on-line helped you: (Your story, your passions, why this was a good fit for you)


*A “thank you” to those that have supported you


*Any other pertinent information you would like to include


Samples to help give you some ideas:


“Robert plans to attend North Dakota University next fall. He hopes to continue to play hockey while attending school. Online school worked out perfectly for Robert because he was able to live in Canada and play with a competitive hockey team, the Eagles,  for much of his junior and senior year while still getting his high school education. He would like to thank his parents for all their support throughout his life and his first hockey coach, Jim Smith, for helping him love the game.”


“Julie plans to continue her education by attending CU. She plans to major in business and hopes to continue on with the family business when she graduates from college. Attending online school enabled her to help out with the family business while still earning her high school diploma. She would like to thank her mom for her support and never giving up on her!”


In addition to your write up, could you please send pictures that include but are not limited to the following:


*a baby picture of you


*a recent photo of you


As well as a:

* personal quote 


Please send the ceremony write up to Ms. Gant via email

By 3:00 pm on May 8th 


Please let Mrs. Bliek know if you have any questions.