Full Time Enrollment

Enrollment Process

eDCSD is no longer accepting out-of-district students.


Parents wishing to enroll their Elementary students, please visit our K-6 program page by clicking HERE.
Once you have reviewed the link above, please follow the steps below.  

Middle and High School: 

All in-district students wishing to enroll at eDCSD:

Step 1:
 Register for Yeti Camp HERE.  You must register by 3 pm the day before the Yeti Camp Meeting.  

Step 2: The
 Yeti Camp Form must be returned via email to janaab@dcsdk12.org, and the Alternative Education Qualifier must be complete by 7AM the morning of Yeti Camp in order to attend Yeti Camp..   

Step 3: Attend Yeti Camp Info Session.  
Students and parent/guardian must attend a Yeti Camp Info Session. 

Quarter 3 Enrollment

Quarter 4 Enrollment

Fri, Dec 4

9-10 am 

Fri Feb 26 
9-10 am 

 Mon, Dec 14 

3-4 pm 

Mon, Mar 8
3-4 pm 

Thur, Dec 17 

9-10 am 

Fri, Mar 12
9 - 10 am 

Mon, Jan 4 

3-4 pm 

Mon, Mar 22
3-4 pm 

Step 4: Administrative Transfer
Visit or contact current or neighborhood school and request an administrative transfer. 

The form MUST be signed by the current school administration and sent to cocyberadmissions@dcsdk12.org

Administrative Transfer form submission Deadline by 3 PM 
Q1 August 21, 2020
 Q2 October 20, 2020
Q3 January 5, 2021
Q4 March 23, 2021

Step 5: Counselor Recommendation Form 
eDCSD will send a counselor recommendation form to your current counselor.  Check with your counselor to ensure this is submitted.  

Step 6: Online Student Profile Course
After all previous steps have been completed, students will receive a link to complete an online student profile course that will take 3 - 3 1/2 hours to complete. 

Step 7: Virtual Interview

You will be contacted to set up a face to face interview after the online profile is complete. The final decision regarding admission will be determined at or shortly after your interview.

Email address:

Enrollment Process Deadlines by 3 PM

Quarter 1: August 21, 2020
Quarter 2: October 23, 2020
Quarter 3: January 8, 2021
Quarter 4: March 26, 2021

Note: Completion of enrollment process does not guarantee admission.