State Mandated Testing


19/20 Assessment Information will be available in the fall of 2019.  

19/20 DCSD Assessment Schedule

19/20 eDCSD Assessment Schedule


Board Policy- State Mandated Assessments

18/19 State Assessment Excusal Form Walkthrough Parent/Guardian

Opt-outs will open up on November 1, 2018.  If you plan on opting your student out of testing, please complete the excusal process during this time frame.

If you are a parent/guardian requesting a paper version of the assessment, please email Janda Bliek at

All Summit juniors at eDCSD will take the CMAS Science Test on April 15th and the Colorado School Day SAT on April 14th. Please refer to the Parent Resources listed below regarding questions for testing. 

Juniors will also have the option to opt into the Essay portion of the test. Adding the essay to their SAT registration is a student choice. See the information below.

Important information for Juniors regarding the April 14 School Day SAT:

Students are automatically registered for the SAT by the Colorado Department of Education and families do NOT need to sign up for the April 14th test.

Students must register in advance to take the optional SAT Essay.

The essay registration window is from January 20 – February 18, 2020. This will be the only opportunity for students who wish to take the optional essay to add it to their April school day test registration.

Students may add the essay to their registration through their online College Board account or by calling the College Board during the window. The attached flier will walk them through the steps to add the essay.

The essay may be required by some colleges and universities. To find out a particular school’s essay policies go to:

The SAT Essay is scored separately from the SAT. A student’s score on the essay will not improve or reduce their score on the SAT.

Student Resources:

College Board Account set up

SAT Practice Tests

KHAN Academy website

CollegeBoard website